Wide selection of high-quality laboratory products Ships within 24 hours Free delivery for orders over 350 EURO Wide selection of high-quality laboratory products Ships within 24 hours Free delivery for orders over 350 EURO Wide selection of high-quality laboratory products Ships within 24 hours Free delivery for orders over 350 EURO Wide selection of high-quality laboratory products Ships within 24 hours Free delivery for orders over 350 EURO Wide selection of high-quality laboratory products Ships within 24 hours Free delivery for orders over 350 EURO Wide selection of high-quality laboratory products Ships within 24 hours Free delivery for orders over 350 EURO Wide selection of high-quality laboratory products Ships within 24 hours Free delivery for orders over 350 EURO


Ambassadors – here you will find our exceptional Ambassadors who play an incredibly important role in promoting our brand and mission. This is a group of enthusiasts and experts who share their knowledge and enthusiasm with our community.

Radosław Słodkiewicz

A former bodybuilding competitor and coach for bodybuilders. He made his bodybuilding debut in 1992 when he was sixteen. Over the years, he has won many medals, and in 1997, he won all the competitions as a junior. His biggest achievement is the third place in the World Championships in Bahrain in 2008. Besides his bodybuilding career, Radek has had several MMA fights, including one fight at EFM Show 1 against Akop Szostak and an appearance at High League 4, where he fought against Konrad Karwat.
Radosław runs his own gym in Poznań and is the organizer of one of the most well-known bodybuilding competitions in Poland – Słodkiewicz Classic.

Adam Suker

Bodybuilder, trainer; 1st place NPC 2022 kat+102kg, 1st place Slodkiewicz Classic 2022+100kg, 1st place 5x Polish Championships. Adam is one of the top athletes in bodybuilding. He has been actively competing in various competitions for many years, consistently improving his form each time.

Sergiusz Grzemny

Without a doubt, this is one of the most characteristic and colorful figures in our coaching world. Of course, in a positive way. He is a trainer of trainers. He leads over 60 personal trainers and engages in business mentoring, having already helped more than 150 trainers. Additionally, he is involved in strength and physique training as well as motor preparation for combat sports.

    Patryk Iwański

    For over 10 years, my specialization and passion have been in clinical and sports dietetics, as well as the impact on brain chemistry. I constantly educate myself, seeking innovative solutions to support the body’s metabolism, backed by science, to effectively help people achieve their body, sports, brain performance, or health disorder goals.

    Ula Kołodziej

    A young women’s trainer who motivates women with her extraordinary form to make changes and believe in themselves and their abilities.

    Julia Cugier

    2nd place IFBB RANKING WORLD 2022, 3rd place European Champ Womens Physique Masters, 1st place Mixed Pairs; Women’s Physique competitor with many victories in bodybuilding competitions.

    Maciej Kiełtyka

    1st place Polish Champion, 1st place ACEurope, 3rd place IFBB Europe Championships; bodybuilder, fitness coach, trainer.

    Natalia Górska

    IFBB PRO WELLNESS; women’s physique competitor who, as one of the few women in Poland, holds an IFBB PRO card and belongs to the group of professional athletes in the Wellness category. Natalia is a Polish woman living permanently in Ireland, where she works as an online trainer.

    Sandra Borowska

    4x NPC Bikini Champ, 2nd and 3rd place NPC Bikini PQ; bikini fitness competitor, trainer. Sandra is known for her love of food, and her Instagram is filled with extraordinary healthy yet delicious culinary recipes, in addition to her fitness lifestyle.

    Kamil Kawczyński

    Trainer, athlete with many achievements in the physiques of his proteges.

    Dawid Cnota

    Bodybuilder, trainer, father. Dawid is a bodybuilder, and his form stands out from the competition. It’s no coincidence that in 2022, Dawid became the proud owner of an IFBB PRO card and joined the ranks of professional athletes.

    Patrycjusz Wróblewski

    Bodybuilder, trainer, Polish Champion; Patrycjusz is a former bodybuilder known for his extraordinary appearance. He now serves as a trainer and a father.

    Dawid Olszewski

    Bodybuilder, bodybuilding competitor, trainer, and YouTuber. Dawid is a well-known bodybuilder in the industry who shares his daily life on YouTube through vlogs and interviews with other bodybuilders. He is known as one of the leading bodybuilders with great potential for a stronger presence on social media.

    Damian Kryszpin

    2x Polish Junior Champion, Winner of Overall Super Cup Of Poland NPC 2021, bodybuilder, trainer.

    Marcos Iglesias Garcia

    A Spanish bodybuilding competitor with an IFBB PRO card, trainer.

    Ania Malys

    A Pole living permanently in Spain, an online trainer. Ania stands out with her extraordinary physique and exotic beauty. Her physique is the result of hard and diligent work, which you can admire on her social media.

    Stella Staniszewska

    A passionate advocate of a healthy lifestyle and training. She was a participant in one of the popular TV SHOW Love Island Poland.

    Oskar Hejmowski

    A sports and clinical dietitian. A sports enthusiast with extensive knowledge of dietetics and supplementation. He continually nurtures his knowledge and applies it in practice to help many people.

    Wiktoria Tokarska

    A competitor in bodybuilding, highly decorated with numerous medals in the bikini fitness category. A women’s trainer and personal coach. Despite her very young age, Wiktoria possesses a wealth of knowledge and an unusually mature physique for her age.

    Szymon Krysztofiak

    NPC 2022 Classic Physique Polish Champion, bodybuilding athlete, coach.

    Łukasz Modzelewski

    A former bodybuilding athlete, coach of the best bodybuilders in Poland, mentor. Łukasz has long been known as one of the greatest bodybuilders in our country. He is a highly respected coach and mentor. The knowledge he possesses, especially in the field of bodybuilding, sets the standard for many. Łukasz is also well-known in the industry beyond Poland’s borders, where he receives a great deal of approval among people.

    Anna Mroczkowska

    IFBB PRO WELLNESS athlete, coach, protege of Łukasz Modzelewski, whom she is also in a relationship with. Ania is the first Polish woman to obtain an IFBB PRO card in the WELLNESS category and to stand on the stage of the most important bodybuilding competitions in the world, such as MR. OLYMPIA. Anna has an extraordinary genetic predisposition for building her physique and is one of the leading competitors in the Wellness category. Her above-average form will amaze everyone. She has no equals.

    Krystian Wolski

    One of Poland’s top bodybuilders, holder of an IFBBO PRO card, coach. Krystian is one of the best Polish bodybuilders, and his physique impresses people from all over the world. He has made it to the top in competitions such as Empro Classic, Mr. Big Evolution, and Big Man Weekend. He has repeatedly proven that he can compete with the best athletes in the world. Since 2022, Krystian has also been running his own gym, “Wolski Gym.”

    Krzysztof Piekarz

    A former bodybuilder known as the Polish “The Rock,” coach. Krzysztof began his sports journey over 20 years ago, winning numerous medals over time. In addition to bodybuilding, he has experienced many other disciplines such as karate, boxing, athletics, and cross-fit. Currently, he can be proud of his athletic physique, and many people compare him to the famous actor Dwayne Johnson, known as The Rock.

    Szymon Łada

    3-time IFBB World Champion, 3-time European Champion, 3-time Polish Champion, coach. Szymon is a bodybuilding athlete known for his unique physique. He has repeatedly proven that he has no equal, and his successes are unattainable for many.

    Kuba Jędrzejewski

    Certified coach, bodybuilding enthusiast, athlete. Kuba has made significant progress in his physique, while also boasting successes among his clients. As he describes himself, he “builds dream physiques.”

    Bartek Popielarczyk

    A competitor in bodybuilding, bodybuilder. The year 2022 was exceptionally successful for Bartek. In his categories, he won only gold medals and is a contender for the PRO card, being one of the best Polish athletes. As many say, his physique has enormous potential, and in the coming years, Bartek can still surprise us.

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