HGH Fragment 176-191




The isolated part of the amino acids (the last 16 amino acids in the chain) from the growth hormone – responsible for lipolysis of adipose tissue.
Considered by many to be the effective and safest fat burner. It directly influences the release of fatty acids from our cells.

It works great in reducing body fat and in order to reduce the formation of new fat cells.

The undoubted advantage is the lack of side effects that occur after taking growth hormone.

Way of giving:

– Subcutaneous injection

Recommended dosage:

100-250mcg up to 2-3 times a day. Preferably before physical activity.

Recommended combination with CJC + GHRP-2/6

Possible side effects:

Sweating due to increased lipolysis.

All the above-mentioned properties have been observed in non-human laboratory tests and are for informational purposes only. All information contained in the descriptions is not endorsed by GIS, GIF or EFSA. The substance is not a drug, food product or dietary supplement and is not suitable for human consumption. The product is qualified as a chemical reagent / reference material authorized in the EU, it can only be used for scientific research. Other information about the agent is contained in the safety data sheet, which is available for review. The products are available only to institutions or private individuals that are associated with research or laboratory activities.


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