Epithalon is a peptide mainly associated with improving hair quality.
Many people who have problems with baldness have experienced its great effects.
There have been many scientific studies showing the pleiotropic action of this miracle peptide.

Epitalon, apart from the above-mentioned action, can help with many other issues.
The main advantages are the action:

– Significant improvement in the quality and quantity of hair, it is perfect for receding hairline and baldness
– Restores the correct circadian rhythm. It regulates the secretion of melatonin and the daily cortisol release. Thanks to this, our sleep is correct
– Anti-aging – Extends telomeres, resulting in an extension of our biological age.

Possibility to serve:
– Subcutaneous injection
– Aerosol / Nasal spray

– 1mg daily for about 40-60 days. The treatment can be repeated every 6-8 months.
– 5-10mg used up to a month of time.

All the above-mentioned properties have been observed in non-human laboratory tests and are for informational purposes only. All information contained in the descriptions is not endorsed by GIS, GIF or EFSA. The substance is not a drug, food product or dietary supplement and is not suitable for human consumption. The product is qualified as a chemical reagent / reference material authorized in the EU, it can only be used for scientific research. Other information about the agent is contained in the safety data sheet, which is available for review. The products are available only to institutions or private individuals that are associated with research or laboratory activities.


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