The most popular peptide. Present in stomach acid. It has the largest spectrum of activity. It has a pleiotropic effect. The benefits of this peptide are almost countless.
It is gaining more and more popularity not only among athletes, but also non-training people.

The main advantages include:

– Accelerated healing of wounds, scars
– Faster reconstruction and regeneration of tissues after surgery
– Anti-inflammatory effect
– It protects the stomach from harmful substances
– Regenerates the gastric mucosa and mucosa
– Reduces inflammation in the case of IBS (thus alleviating its symptoms)
– Beneficial effect on the nervous system and the brain (neuroprotective effect)

Recommended dosage:

Severe injuries / after treatments and surgeries 250mcg twice a day for 7 days
Preventively 100mcg 2x daily
In severe injuries, it is recommended to use together with TB-500 for a period of about a month.

Way of giving:

– Subcutaneous injection
– Aerosol / Nasal spray (ARG-BPC)
– Oral (ARG-BPC)

The agent has been tested on a very large population, no side effects have been reported.

All the above-mentioned properties have been observed in non-human laboratory tests and are for informational purposes only. All information contained in the descriptions is not endorsed by GIS, GIF or EFSA. The substance is not a drug, food product or dietary supplement and is not suitable for human consumption. The product is qualified as a chemical reagent / reference material authorized in the EU, it can only be used for scientific research. Other information about the agent is contained in the safety data sheet, which is available for review. The products are available only to institutions or private individuals that are associated with research or laboratory activities.


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